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  • FAQ: Adopting a Child in Washington

    FAQ: Adopting a Child in Washington Deciding to adopt a child is a huge step that will substantially impact the lives of everyone involved. For those hoping to become adoptive parents, it’s crucial to understand the laws for adoption in the state of Washington. Question #1: Who can legally adopt a child in Washington? A: Any person who is legally competent and eighteen years of age or older can be an adoptive parent in Washington. Adoptive parents must also have an approved home study. Question #2: What is a home study? A: The home study is an assessment that ...
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  • Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples

    Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples Marriage equality may have felt like a big leap and in many ways, it was, but we still have a long way to go before same-sex couples enjoy true legal equality in family matters. Just like any other couple, same sex-couples often wish to get married, start families, and live their lives with a healthy dose of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, certain legal issues and long-standing prejudice can stand in the way of family life for the LGBT community. Some of the more common family law issues for same-sex couples include: ...
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  • 5 Ways an Attorney Can Make the Adoption Process Easier

    5 Ways an Attorney Can Make the Adoption Process Easier Making the decision to adopt a child is an exciting time for your family, but the adoption process can be tricky without the guidance of an experienced attorney. It is important to retain qualified legal counsel to guide you through the adoption process to ensure that all aspects of the adoption run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. An attorney can also help you stay informed throughout the entire process so that you can avoid costly and time-consuming setbacks. Here’s why you should work with an attorney throughout ...
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  • The Stepparent's Guide to Adoption

    The Stepparent's Guide to Adoption Families pursue stepparent adoption for many reasons. Blending families is never easy, but stepparent adoption has many advantages and formalizes the relationship between a child and his/her stepmother or stepfather. Like any form of adoption, adoption by a stepparent can take time and may entail guidance from a family attorney. With the help of a Washington family law lawyer, you can navigate the legal process ahead. Learn more about stepparent adoption or get in touch with a legal representative from McKinley Irvin for ...
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  • The Best Countries for International Adoption

    The Best Countries for International Adoption Adoption is a big decision, and international adoptions come with even more choices. If you're considering an international adoption, the first question you need to answer is, "Where should I adopt my child from?" International adoptions can feel like an unending obstacle course of paperwork and legal complications, but some countries are more receptive to adoptions than other locations. Some of the most popular countries for international adoption are: China Ethiopia South Korea Ukraine Kazakhstan Haiti India The ...
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  • 7 Potential Adoption Roadblocks

    7 Potential Adoption Roadblocks Whether voluntary or involuntary, a parent's rights must be terminated before their child can be adopted. Adoptive parents will tell you that there are many potential roadblocks you can encounter along the way, so it is advised that you retain a skilled adoption lawyer. Below are some factors that could present difficulties on your road to adoption – Age In Washington, you can adopt as long as you are over the age of 18. However, age is still a factor judges might consider. What matters more than age though is how maturely ...
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  • How to Adopt a Child in Washington State

    Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences a family can enjoy. However, following the proper legal procedure is vital to ensure the adoption is successful. Working with an experienced adoption attorney can make the process less stressful and streamlined. There are four basic types of adoption in Washington State: Step-parent adoptions; Second parent adoptions; Foster parent (or guardian) adoptions; and Independent adoptions What is the adoption process? While each adoption involves a unique set of ...
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  • 5 Must Know Facts About International Adoption

    5 Must Know Facts About International Adoption Adopting a child from another country involves many legal steps, both in the U.S. and the country where the child lives. For a successful international adoption (sometimes referred to as an intercountry adoption), it is important that you be prepared beforehand and at each point of the process. Below you will find some “must know” facts about international adoption and the laws that will apply. #1: You Must Comply with Three Sets of Laws Completing an international adoption requires that the adoptive parents comply with ...
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