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  • When Can Support Payments be Modified in Washington?

    When Can Support Payments be Modified in Washington? In Washington, support payments, whether child or spousal, are not necessarily fixed indefinitely. The law recognizes that life circumstances can change, sometimes drastically, and these changes may warrant a modification of the existing support order. This adjustment is a legal procedure that necessitates a thorough understanding of the associated laws and regulations. The requirements for modification, however, differ between child support and spousal support payments. A significant change in circumstances is generally the ...
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  • Why January Is a Big Month for Divorce

    Why January Is a Big Month for Divorce For many Americans, the holidays are a time of reflection. The holiday season can inspire us to reflect on the past year while preparing to ring in the new one. While the holidays can be a joyous season to share with friends and loved ones, they can also be a season of grief and loss. Many people find themselves struggling to cope during Christmastime, especially if it’s their first holiday season after divorce or the death of a loved one. Like the holidays, divorce can be seasonal. In recent decades, the month of January ...
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  • Gift Giving Tips for Co-Parents

    Gift Giving Tips for Co-Parents The holiday season, while a time of joy and celebration, can often pose unique challenges for co-parents. The heightened emotions and the flurry of activities can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, especially when it comes to gift-giving for the children. Navigating these waters requires effective communication and careful planning. It's crucial to discuss beforehand who will buy what for the children, agree on spending limits, and ensure that gifts are equitable and thoughtful. Doing so can help prevent ...
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  • Initiating Divorce During the Holidays

    Initiating Divorce During the Holidays It’s not uncommon for a person or couple to decide to divorce around the holidays. Many do choose to wait until after the new year to file, which is why there are typically a lot more divorce petitions filed in January. However, if you have decided to proceed with the divorce during the holiday season, there are some things you should consider. Our Washington divorce lawyers have put together a few tips to help you survive the holidays while also dealing with the prospect of divorce. Consider the following steps: Consult an ...
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  • Documents You Should Bring When Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

    Documents You Should Bring When Meeting with a Divorce Attorney Preparing for your initial meeting with a divorce attorney can be overwhelming. You may feel unsure about what documents to bring to adequately represent your case. This guide will walk you through the range of documents you should consider bringing to your first meeting. By thoroughly preparing these documents, you can facilitate a more productive discussion with your attorney, ensuring they are fully informed about your situation. Your careful preparation will also provide a foundation for your attorney to establish a ...
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  • What Happens if the Father is Not on the Birth Certificate?

    What Happens if the Father is Not on the Birth Certificate? When a father is not listed on a birth certificate, it brings both legal and social implications. The absence of the father's name can significantly affect the child's rights, including inheritance, access to family medical history, and social security benefits, as well as the child's emotional well-being. Additionally, it can impact the father’s legal responsibilities and rights concerning custody, visitation, and child support. This blog aims to shed light on these specifics and provide insight into steps you can take to ...
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  • Uncontested Divorce in Washington

    Uncontested Divorce in Washington Uncontested divorce in Washington is a divorce without conflict over its terms. Both spouses agree on all issues without fighting over them. Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce In a contested divorce, there will be major disagreements on one or more of the terms. It is a much lengthier process where the judge makes the final decisions. This is the type of divorce where you or your spouse file the divorce papers and then serve the other. In an uncontested divorce, on the other hand, you would be jointly filing a petition. ...
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  • Can You Modify Parenting Plans for the Holidays?

    Can You Modify Parenting Plans for the Holidays? In Washington State, it is indeed possible to modify parenting plans for the holiday season. This is a common concern for divorced or separated parents who wish to ensure that their children can enjoy the holiday festivities with both parents. However, it's important to note that any modifications to the parenting plan require a mutual agreement between both parties or a court order. The process can be complex and often requires an understanding of specific legal procedures. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how you can ...
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