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  • Why Do Some Divorces Take So Long?

    Why Do Some Divorces Take So Long? A commonly asked question during a divorce is, “Why do some divorces take so long to complete?” Although the details of each divorce case are unique, there are a few common reasons why some tend to drag on more than others. It is important to remember that divorce can be resolved quickly if all of the parties are focused on reaching a fair agreement. However, procedural and court delays can also prolong the divorce process. Keep reading to find out more about common obstacles that can increase the amount of time it takes to ...
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  • 5 Factors That Can Increase the Cost of Divorce

    5 Factors That Can Increase the Cost of Divorce All divorces have costs such as filing fees that cannot be avoided. However, couples can control a divorce’s price tag by understanding how these five factors drive up the cost and how to sidestep them. Factor 1: Custody Battles Any divorce that involves minor children will have unavoidable costs. Even the most amicable former spouses will have minor disagreements that must be resolved. In most cases, one parent will pay child support to another. Costs associated with child custody rise exponentially when every aspect is a ...
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  • Tracking Down Hidden Assets in a Divorce

    Tracking Down Hidden Assets in a Divorce The divorce process can deepen the emotional divide between spouses. The marital breakdown also leads some spouses to go to great lengths to deprive the other spouse of their fair share in a divorce settlement. Sometimes spouses use new and traditional means to conceal their true wealth to minimize their obligations in a divorce. Red flags tip off a divorce attorney that one spouse is lacking transparency and attempting to devalue themselves to reduce their financial obligations. Hidden income and assets can be part of any ...
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  • Common Issues When Seniors Get Divorced

    Common Issues When Seniors Get Divorced The divorce rate among people over the age of 55 has significantly increased over the last few decades, according to The Wall Street Journal . Whether it’s because divorce is more acceptable now than it was in the past or because more elderly couples are running into unresolvable issues during retirement, many factors are contributing to the high divorce rate among seniors. While divorce is never easy, it can be uniquely challenging for seniors. Here are four things to consider if you are getting divorced late in life. #1: ...
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  • 5 Divorce Mistakes Business Owners Commonly Make

    5 Divorce Mistakes Business Owners Commonly Make Small and family-owned businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey, more than 35% of Washington businesses are spouse- or family-owned . Coupling this statistic coupled with the number of divorces that occur annually, companies and their owners are often impacted when a marriage ends. Unraveling debts and assets can be tricky in any divorce. The process becomes exponentially more complicated when one or both spouses are business owners. Avoiding the ...
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  • Keeping a Vacation Home After Divorce

    Keeping a Vacation Home After Divorce Real estate owned by divorcing couples is typically one of the larger assets that must be resolved. A vacation home is no different. A secondary home is popular among those in Washington State who can afford it. More than one-third of the homes in San Juan and Pacific counties are for seasonal or occasional use . Owners make the trek from Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and other areas to escape their usual hectic pace. When spouses with a vacation home go their separate ways, the property will likely figure prominently in ...
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  • Important Estate Planning Matters to Handle After Divorce

    Important Estate Planning Matters to Handle After Divorce When a Washington couple decides to divorce , much of their energy and emotions are tied up in the process. There are many issues that must be decided, either through negotiation, mediation , or litigation. Estate planning might not be a front-burner concern but should be addressed as the divorce unfolds. Some changes are best made during the dissolution process while others should be left for after the divorce is finalized. Speak with a divorce attorney before making any financial or other legal changes. Analyzing the ...
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  • Is There a Link Between Divorce and Depression?

    Is There a Link Between Divorce and Depression? A divorce is a highly challenging process, and it can bring about very strong emotional responses. In several individuals, divorce can even prompt issues with depression. Medical depression is very serious, and it’s important to understand that it can sometimes be caused by extremely traumatizing or difficult situations, such as divorce. Some people may be completely blindsided by their spouse’s request for a divorce, and dealing with that news can be heartbreaking and tough to accept. Even the spouse who acted as the ...
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