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  • Child Custody Terms Coparents Need to Know

    Child Custody Terms Coparents Need to Know When parents separate or are otherwise not in a relationship, deciding how they will coparent their children is a critical step. A legal agreement – called a parenting plan – must include specific details before it is approved by a judge. A parenting plan is unique to the situation but addresses the following components: Where the child will live most of the time Each parent’s decision-making power for the child Visitation and vacation schedules Child support award How the parents will resolve disagreements It’s important to ...
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  • What Does It Mean to Terminate Parental Rights?

    What Does It Mean to Terminate Parental Rights? Terminating an individual’s parental rights is a very serious matter, whether the court takes away those rights or the parent relinquishes them willingly. In any parent-child relationship, the biological parents inherently have certain rights and responsibilities regarding their children. If, in any situation, those responsibilities are not being upheld, the court may terminate parental rights if it is in the best interest of the child. Or, a parent may choose to voluntarily give up his or her rights, forfeiting any right to ...
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  • 4 Family Law Myths Debunked

    4 Family Law Myths Debunked Just like other areas of the law, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions among the general public regarding family law. When it comes to family law disputes, don’t rely on advice from friends, relatives, or co-workers. Instead, become familiar with the law by using a trusted source. Below, we debunk four common family law myths. Myth #1: Moms Are Always Awarded Custody of the Children One of the most widespread misconceptions about family law is that courts will generally side with the mother in child custody cases . ...
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  • What to Do After Losing Child Custody

    What to Do After Losing Child Custody Losing custody of one’s child can be devastating, but it isn’t necessarily the end of the road. When the court takes away a parent’s custody rights, it’s because the judge believes that the child would enjoy a happier and healthier life under someone else’s care. Custody might have been granted to the child’s other parent, or perhaps to grandparents or other relatives. In any case, it is possible to regain custody of the child if you take the necessary steps to prove that you are the best person to raise your child. If you ...
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  • Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July

    Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July Although child custody plans are supposed to help parents cooperate and move forward accommodating their children’s needs, they don’t always work out perfectly, especially when it comes to spending time with the children on holidays like the Fourth of July. If Independence Day is an important holiday to you, then you should try to reach a compromise with your co-parent to include time for holiday traditions you would like to continue with your children, such as barbecuing or watching a fireworks show. The best parenting ...
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  • How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process

    How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process Before your divorce is finalized, you and your co-parent might be concerned about how you’ll share parenting responsibilities in the interim. The divorce process can be complicated and lengthy, so having a temporary parenting plan in place is the best way you can ensure you create a stable environment for your children and set clear-cut expectations with your spouse. While you meet with your attorney to discuss the details of your divorce or negotiate the terms of your official child custody agreement in court, your ...
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  • How Child Custody is Determined in a Divorce

    How Child Custody is Determined in a Divorce The court has several goals in deciding child custody in a divorce case. These goals can include, but are not limited to: Providing for the child’s physical care Maintaining emotional stability for the child Providing for the changing needs of the child as he or she grows and matures Setting forth the responsibility of each parent with respect to the child Minimizing the child’s exposure to harmful parental conflict Overall, the court will make these decisions based on what it thinks are in the child’s best interests. The ...
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  • What to Do About False Allegations in Child Custody and Divorce Cases

    What to Do About False Allegations in Child Custody and Divorce Cases When your co-parent makes false accusations against you, their words, however unfounded, could seriously harm your child custody or divorce case. Whether you’re just now going through the beginning of a divorce or are rehashing a custody issue for the fifth time, any words against you, as a parent, can be particularly damaging. Some of the common false accusations include: Child abuse and negligence Drug and alcohol addiction Accusations of criminal offenses Accusations of domestic violence Lying on your legal forms Failure ...
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