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A little knowledge can go a long way to protect your assets and family relationships. Planning can save headaches and money, and can provide peace of mind. The articles and tips in this section of the McKinley Irvin website are intended to help you understand and prepare for some of the more common issues you’ll encounter in a divorce, child custody, or other family law matter.

Please be advised that family cases can be very complex. The information provided here should not be construed as legal advice in your case.

  • Why You Need a Parenting Plan and How to Do It Right

    Why You Need a Parenting Plan and How to Do It Right Being a parent is no easy task, especially when you’re going through a separation or divorce. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make the transition easier on yourself and your children. The most beneficial thing you can do is craft a parenting plan that establishes a clear, fair schedule for both parents and, most importantly, the children. If you are going through a divorce or separation and you require the use of a parenting plan, make sure you know how these documents work and find out what you can do to ...
  • Understanding Emergency Custody Hearings in Washington

    Understanding Emergency Custody Hearings in Washington In times of crisis, families can face difficult situations that require immediate attention regarding the custody of their children. When it comes to familial disputes, emergency custody hearings can be a crucial step in addressing immediate concerns regarding a child's safety, well-being, or best interests. The purpose of emergency custody hearings is to resolve urgent matters that can’t wait for a regular child custody hearing due to the potential risk of harm to the child. In this blog, we'll review key facts about ...
  • Why Divorce Cases Get Dismissed in Washington

    Why Divorce Cases Get Dismissed in Washington Even when couples are on the same page, navigating the complexities of family law disputes in Washington can be difficult. The intricacies of family court proceedings can be overwhelming and confusing for families and couples alike. Legal snags can sometimes lead to costly and time-consuming setbacks, from overlooking required paperwork to misinterpreting legal jargon. Divorce is often challenging and emotional, and it's crucial to carefully navigate the legal proceedings. In Washington, divorces can sometimes get dismissed ...
  • Pet Custody in Washington

    Pet Custody in Washington As many people develop a deep connection with their pets and treat them as an essential part of their family, the matter of which spouse gets to keep the pet after a divorce can be a contentious legal issue. Unlike children, there are no “ custody ” laws in the state of Washington for pets because they are considered property under the law. When spouses can't reach an agreement on who should have custody of the pet, judges will generally award the pet to the spouse who was mostly responsible for taking care of it. If there ...
  • Understanding the Gray Divorce Phenomenon

    Understanding the Gray Divorce Phenomenon Divorce can be a stressful life event for anyone, regardless of age. While there is a common and widely held belief that half of marriages end in divorce, this is not a fact—partly because the divorce rate is challenging to measure due to variances in a range of factors, from timing to generational differences to geographic location. In reality, research shows that the divorce rate peaked at 41% in the 1980s and has been in a slow but steady decline ever since. However, this isn’t the case for older U.S. couples. Since 1990, ...
  • Explaining an Absent Parent to a Child After Divorce

    Explaining an Absent Parent to a Child After Divorce While divorce is a stressful experience for anyone, children are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of ending a marriage. From behavioral problems to emotional dysregulation to academic struggles, it can be exceedingly difficult to care for little ones when moms and dads are barely hanging on by a thread themselves. Fortunately, there are ways to stay connected and support children after divorce. In this blog, we’ll review some essential tips for co-parents to help their children adjust to single parenthood or ...
  • How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process

    How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process Before your divorce is finalized, you and your co-parent might be concerned about how you’ll share parenting responsibilities in the interim. The divorce process can be complicated and lengthy, so having a temporary parenting plan in place is the best way you can ensure you create a stable environment for your children and set clear-cut expectations with your spouse. While you meet with your attorney to discuss the details of your divorce or negotiate the terms of your official child custody agreement in court, your ...
  • David Starks Named Family Law “Lawyer of the Year” For the Second Time

    David Starks Named Family Law “Lawyer of the Year” For the Second Time We are proud to announce that Best Lawyers® has named David Starks the 2024 “Lawyer of the Year” for family law in the Seattle Metro Area. This is David’s second time receiving this designation, with the first time in 2022. Best Lawyers selects only one “Lawyer of the Year” for each practice area and geographic location, making this accolade particularly significant. This honor is given to the attorney who received the highest overall peer feedback. David continues to carve out an impressive legal career: Diplomate, American ...
  • What is Post-Secondary Child Support?

    What is Post-Secondary Child Support? Post-secondary child support, also called post-secondary educational support, is the court-ordered payment for a child’s college expenses. Under Washington state law, the court can order a divorced parent to pay for some or all of their child’s secondary education expenses, including not only colleges, but trade schools, vocational schools, and sometimes even graduate school. Post-secondary support for your child’s education can be determined in two ways: First, it can be included in your divorce and custody agreement. Both ...
  • McKinley Irvin Ranked #5 Best Workplace in Washington by Puget Sound Business Journal

    McKinley Irvin Ranked #5 Best Workplace in Washington by Puget Sound Business Journal Last night, the Puget Sound Business Journal announced rankings for Washington’s Best 100 Workplaces. McKinley Irvin ranked #5 on the list for large companies. This is the second year in a row that our firm has been recognized in the Best Workplaces list and ranked in the top 5 in our category. Last year, we were in the midsize company category and placed #4. This recognition is driven by employee feedback. The Puget Sound Business Journal partners with Quantum Workplace to anonymously survey hundreds of companies each year. ...
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