McKinley Irvin Blogs from June 2023

  • Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July

    Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July Although child custody plans are supposed to help parents cooperate and move forward accommodating their children’s needs, they don’t always work out perfectly, especially when it comes to spending time with the children on holidays like the Fourth of July. If Independence Day is an important holiday to you, then you should try to reach a compromise with your co-parent to include time for holiday traditions you would like to continue with your children, such as barbecuing or watching a fireworks show. The best parenting ...
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  • What to Expect During a Supervised Custody Exchange

    What to Expect During a Supervised Custody Exchange In Washington, a supervised custody exchange or monitored exchange permits divorced or separated parents to transfer custody of their child without coming into contact with each another, allowing families to keep conflict to a minimum while prioritizing their child’s safety and comfort. As one can imagine, supervised exchanges are especially appealing for co-parents who struggle to communicate or be in each other’s presence due to conflict or safety concerns. In these circumstances, a supervised custody exchange can provide ...
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  • Unique Issues in a Gray Divorce

    Unique Issues in a Gray Divorce When seniors and older couples divorce later in life, it is known as a gray divorce. These types of divorce cases have several critical issues that people need to be aware of if they want to protect their best interests during the legal process. In this blog, we explain what to expect from a gray divorce so you don’t end up wasting time and adding additional stress to your life. Financial Issues Financial issues are probably the largest hurdles older couples must overcome during their divorce proceedings. Gray divorces tend ...
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  • What to Do if a Child Refuses Visitation Time with a Co-Parent

    What to Do if a Child Refuses Visitation Time with a Co-Parent Co-parenting can come with many unique challenges, especially following a recent divorce or legal separation. From fighting for custodial rights to requesting modifications to filing for relocation, couples and families can face various obstacles while navigating child custody in Washington State. One common issue that parents can encounter is the child’s refusal of visitation with the other parent or guardian. There are countless reasons a child might be refusing visitation, making it all the more important for parents and ...
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  • Relocating With Children After Divorce

    Relocating With Children After Divorce Adjusting to life after divorce can be challenging and stressful, especially if you are relocating and have children. Whether the move is to a new city or out of state, all of the following things need to be handled. #1: Comply with all Agreements If you have children, then moving out of the house will be more challenging because you will need to make sure the relocation adheres to the divorce and custody agreements. Don’t begin moving anywhere until you obtain all of the necessary approvals for the destination. If you move ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Named One of Washington's Best Workplaces for the Second Year

    McKinley Irvin Named One of Washington's Best Workplaces for the Second Year We are proud to announce that McKinley Irvin has been named one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s 100 Best Workplaces in Washington for 2023. This is the second year in a row that our firm has been recognized in the Best Workplaces list. Last year, we ranked #4 for midsize companies. This year, we are in the large company category. The Best Workplaces list is driven by employee feedback. Puget Sound Business Journal’s research partner, Quantum Workplaces, anonymously surveys and scores hundreds of companies each year on ...
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  • How to Limit Contact with a Co-Parent After a Divorce

    How to Limit Contact with a Co-Parent After a Divorce Divorce can be hard enough to survive on its own without considering the emotional and financial fallout. While some people never have to see their ex again after divorce, other divorcees don’t have that option. This is especially true for divorcing co-parents, as court-ordered child custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and parenting plans often make it impossible to avoid ex-spouses altogether. More often than not, ex-spouses with kids can expect to interact with the other co-parent on a semi-permanent basis. Even ...
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  • Understanding Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in Washington

    Understanding Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in Washington Child custody can be one of the most stressful parts of a Washington divorce. From evaluating parental fitness to addressing instances of child abuse or neglect, establishing custodial rights and visitation schedules can be nerve-racking for the whole family. From parents to grandparents to aunts and uncles, the vast majority of relatives truly want what’s best for children after divorce. Fortunately, this is exactly what Washington courts desire, too. Rest assured that the judge will always determine child custody decisions ...
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