McKinley Irvin Blogs from September 2022

  • Judge Scott Collier (Ret.) Joins McKinley Irvin as a Mediator and Arbitrator

    Judge Scott Collier (Ret.) Joins McKinley Irvin as a Mediator and Arbitrator We are proud to announce that Judge Scott Collier (Ret.) has joined McKinley Irvin as a mediator and arbitrator after a distinguished career on the Clark County Superior Court Bench. Judge Collier is highly respected by his colleagues for his professionalism and thorough preparation, as well as his humor and great compassion. With his broad judicial experience and extensive knowledge of the law, Judge Collier will be highly sought after as a mediator in family law negotiations. He is dedicated to helping families resolve ...
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  • Is an Ex’s Remarriage Grounds to Modify Child Support?

    Is an Ex’s Remarriage Grounds to Modify Child Support? Divorced individuals commonly find a new love and remarry. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 60% of divorced (or widowed) Americans had remarried. Can an ex’s remarriage be a basis for seeking a modification to a child support agreement ? Maybe. Remarriage alone does not impact child support obligations. However, if the remarriage involves a substantial change in circumstances, a modification might be appropriate. Legal Basis for Modifying Child Support Orders Life is not static. Finances, health, and ...
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  • Why Do Some Divorces Take So Long?

    Why Do Some Divorces Take So Long? A commonly asked question during a divorce is, “Why do some divorces take so long to complete?” Although the details of each divorce case are unique, there are a few common reasons why some tend to drag on more than others. It is important to remember that divorce can be resolved quickly if all of the parties are focused on reaching a fair agreement. However, procedural and court delays can also prolong the divorce process. Keep reading to find out more about common obstacles that can increase the amount of time it takes to ...
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  • Establishing Paternity in Washington State

    Establishing Paternity in Washington State Two people in a marriage or domestic partnership are automatically presumed to be the parents of any child born inside their relationship. When the birth mom is single, the only presumption is that she is the mother. The mother is automatically given full custody of the child. Unlike married couples, there is no presumed father of a child born to an unmarried mother. Until paternity is established, a single mom cannot ask the court to order child support until proving paternity nor can a father petition for child custody. ...
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  • 5 Factors That Can Increase the Cost of Divorce

    5 Factors That Can Increase the Cost of Divorce All divorces have costs such as filing fees that cannot be avoided. However, couples can control a divorce’s price tag by understanding how these five factors drive up the cost and how to sidestep them. Factor 1: Custody Battles Any divorce that involves minor children will have unavoidable costs. Even the most amicable former spouses will have minor disagreements that must be resolved. In most cases, one parent will pay child support to another. Costs associated with child custody rise exponentially when every aspect is a ...
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  • Tracking Down Hidden Assets in a Divorce

    Tracking Down Hidden Assets in a Divorce The divorce process can deepen the emotional divide between spouses. The marital breakdown also leads some spouses to go to great lengths to deprive the other spouse of their fair share in a divorce settlement. Sometimes spouses use new and traditional means to conceal their true wealth to minimize their obligations in a divorce. Red flags tip off a divorce attorney that one spouse is lacking transparency and attempting to devalue themselves to reduce their financial obligations. Hidden income and assets can be part of any ...
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  • Common Issues When Seniors Get Divorced

    Common Issues When Seniors Get Divorced The divorce rate among people over the age of 55 has significantly increased over the last few decades, according to The Wall Street Journal. Whether it’s because divorce is more acceptable now than it was in the past or because more elderly couples are running into unresolvable issues during retirement, many factors are contributing to the high divorce rate among seniors. While divorce is never easy, it can be uniquely challenging for seniors. Here are four things to consider if you are getting divorced late in life. #1: ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Welcomes Anne Marggraf to Our Vancouver Office

    McKinley Irvin Welcomes Anne Marggraf to Our Vancouver Office McKinley Irvin is pleased to welcome family law attorney Anne Marggraf to our Vancouver office. Anne represents clients in a variety of family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, and relocation. She was recognized in the 2023 Edition of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch, a category that highlights the legal talent of attorneys who have been in practice less than 10 years. A Pacific Northwest native, Anne received her bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and her Juris ...
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