McKinley Irvin Blogs from October 2017

  • How Can Emotional Abuse Impact My Divorce?

    How Can Emotional Abuse Impact My Divorce? Whenever abuse is involved in a marriage, the divorce invariably becomes more complicated – emotionally and legally. In marriages where some type of abuse transpired, it is very likely that the abuse was also one of the reasons, if not the primary reason, for the divorce. This can make the divorce more difficult in a variety of ways. Legally, the abusive party is not considered more responsible for the divorce than the abused party, though abuse can affect details in the final divorce settlement. If you were emotionally ...
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  • Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples

    Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples Marriage equality may have felt like a big leap and in many ways, it was, but we still have a long way to go before same-sex couples enjoy true legal equality in family matters. Just like any other couple, same sex-couples often wish to get married, start families, and live their lives with a healthy dose of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, certain legal issues and long-standing prejudice can stand in the way of family life for the LGBT community. Some of the more common family law issues for same-sex couples include: ...
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  • How Might a Forensic Accountant Benefit My Divorce Case?

    How Might a Forensic Accountant Benefit My Divorce Case? Many aspects of a divorce can be problematic, especially when it comes to financial issues. One of the primary objectives in a divorce is the division of marital property, which includes all the assets and debts accumulated during a marriage. While an experienced divorce attorney can greatly help with property division, when it comes to complicated financial assets, a forensic accountant can prove invaluable to your team. When Is a Forensic Accountant Needed in a Divorce? Divorce lawyers will often seek the help of forensic ...
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  • Co-Parenting & Sports

    Co-Parenting & Sports Many children are involved in sports to build character, learn about teamwork, and simply for the fun of the game. However, supporting your children in their extracurricular activities is easier said than done when you share the responsibility with your ex. Co-parenting your children through extracurricular activities, like sports, music lessons, art classes, and so on, can be difficult at times. You must decide: Who pays for what Which days your children can practice and who takes them Whether you and your co-parent can ...
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