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  • FAQ: Father’s Rights

    FAQ: Father’s Rights Fathers are entitled to the same parental rights as mothers when it comes to family law matters like child custody , visitation, and child support . Fathers also have a right to participate in how their child is raised including where they go to school, their religious upbringing, and other important aspects of their lives. However, many unmarried and divorced dads must go to court and initiate custody cases for their parental rights to be recognized. Below, we answer common questions that fathers have about their parental ...
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  • How Child Support Is Determined When a Parent Has No Income

    How Child Support Is Determined When a Parent Has No Income If you don't have a source of income and cannot afford child support, you will still be required to make a monthly child support payment. If a parent does not have a source of income, the court may calculate income based on prior work history and/or the parent’s potential earning capacity. For example, if a parent is unemployed or underemployed, the court may look at the parent’s previous employment history to determine how much they are capable of earning again in the future. Essentially, your child support obligation will ...
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  • How Courts Calculate a Parent’s Income for Child Support

    How Courts Calculate a Parent’s Income for Child Support Washington State expects both parents to contribute financially to the welfare and care of their children. Child support amounts are primarily driven by the parents’ incomes and the number of children requiring support. Calculating income is not as simple as looking at a person’s paycheck stub. There are potentially multiple sources of income that must be included and deductions that are subtracted. Income Sources Included in Child Support Calculation Most Washington residents receive their greatest income from a job or ...
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  • Getting Divorced While Pregnant: The Legal Issues

    Getting Divorced While Pregnant: The Legal Issues When a couple is in the midst of divorce, pregnancy can be incredibly stressful. While some couples may choose to postpone the divorce until after the child is born, others may feel waiting isn’t an option. Can You Get a Divorce While Pregnant? Yes, in the state of Washington, you are allowed to finalize your divorce even if you are pregnant. Although the courts cannot prevent you from divorcing simply because a spouse is pregnant, you may encounter some legal issues as you begin the dissolution process. Will the Other ...
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  • Is an Ex’s Remarriage Grounds to Modify Child Support?

    Is an Ex’s Remarriage Grounds to Modify Child Support? Divorced individuals commonly find a new love and remarry. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 60% of divorced (or widowed) Americans had remarried . Can an ex’s remarriage be a basis for seeking a modification to a child support agreement ? Maybe. Remarriage alone does not impact child support obligations. However, if the remarriage involves a substantial change in circumstances, a modification might be appropriate. Legal Basis for Modifying Child Support Orders Life is not static. Finances, health, and ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

    Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Child support cases can be incredibly complex and overwhelming, which is why we have compiled and answered some frequently asked questions. To learn more about child support, read on. How much will I pay in child support? Child support payments vary on a case-by-case basis, so the amount you pay depends largely on your income. The court will determine a fair child support obligation based on several factors, including the income of each parent, each parent’s employment status, each parent’s tax obligations, and the child’s ...
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  • Modifying a Child Support Order Due to a Disability

    Modifying a Child Support Order Due to a Disability When an ex-spouse becomes disabled and can no longer work or can only work part time, it can be stressful for both them and their former spouse if the injured party is responsible for paying alimony or child support . Not only does the disabled individual have to adjust to new limitations, but the party who receives these regular payments may be worried about their financial dependency. Parents in Washington are considered responsible for the financial needs of their children up until 18 years of age or graduation of high ...
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  • Can Agreements on Child Support be Made Outside of Court?

    Can Agreements on Child Support be Made Outside of Court? Litigation around child support issues can be prohibitively expensive in terms of legal fees. Therefore, handling child support issues outside of court can save time and money. If you and your co-parent wish to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal process, you may try to resolve your child support issues by coming to an agreed child support order outside of court and then presenting the agreement to the court for entry in order to ensure its enforceability. Most couples going through a divorce are primarily concerned about ...
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