McKinley Irvin Blogs from January 2024

  • Are There Any Limitations to Legal Separation?

    Are There Any Limitations to Legal Separation? Understanding Legal Separation Legal separation is a court-recognized separation of spouses which allows both parties to live separately while still maintaining the legal status of being married. Distinguished from divorce, legal separation does not dissolve the marriage but provides a framework for aspects like spousal support, child custody, and property division. It's often chosen over divorce due to certain individual circumstances such as religious beliefs, the potential for reconciliation, or for maintaining certain ...
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  • Getting Divorced While Pregnant: The Legal Issues

    Getting Divorced While Pregnant: The Legal Issues When a couple is in the midst of divorce, pregnancy can be incredibly stressful. While some couples may choose to postpone the divorce until after the child is born, others may feel waiting isn’t an option. Can You Get a Divorce While Pregnant? Yes, in the state of Washington, you are allowed to finalize your divorce even if you are pregnant. Although the courts cannot prevent you from divorcing simply because a spouse is pregnant, you may encounter some legal issues as you begin the dissolution process. Will the Other ...
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  • Financial Obligations of Ending a Long-Term Relationship

    Financial Obligations of Ending a Long-Term Relationship Married couples aren’t the only ones entitled to legal rights after a breakup, at least not in Washington state. Although Washington law doesn’t recognize common law marriage, it does protect the rights of certain unmarried couples through the doctrine of “Committed Intimate Relationship.” Although these relationships aren’t legally recognized, couples involved in intimate relationships can seek recourse in court for property and liability distribution. If you were involved in a committed, long-term relationship and you and ...
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  • Is “Divorce Season” Real?

    Is “Divorce Season” Real? "Divorce season" is a term used within the legal services industry to describe a particular time of year when the rate of divorce filings significantly increases. Typically, this season begins in January and continues through early March. It's crucial to note that while the term 'Divorce Season' is used commonly in industry discussions, each individual's situation and timeline is unique and may not align with this seasonal pattern. The Phenomenon of “Divorce Season” Historical trends indeed confirm a surge in divorce filings ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Announces New Partners

    McKinley Irvin Announces New Partners McKinley Irvin is pleased to announce that Brian Edwards, Samuel Page, and Hillary Roberts-Griffith have been named partner. The promotion of these three attorneys reflects our firm’s commitment to leadership and excellence in family law. Brian Edwards Brian volunteers his skills outside of the office to advocate for the best interests of children, educate law students, and increase access to justice. He is a court appointed special advocate and volunteer attorney with CASA of King County. He has served two times as a family ...
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  • Evaluators and Advocates in Child Custody Cases

    Evaluators and Advocates in Child Custody Cases In a disputed child custody or parenting time (commonly known as visitation) suit, judges make decisions that have life-long effects on a child and his or her family. To ensure that judges receive complete information and are acting in the child's best interest, either the parents or the court may seek the assistance of an expert witness or child advocate. Generally, the expert witnesses are known as child custody evaluators, and the advocates for the children are known as Guardians Ad Litem (a "GAL"). Custody evaluators and ...
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  • Preparing for Divorce in the New Year

    Preparing for Divorce in the New Year With 2023 behind us, many people are setting goals and making resolutions for 2024. If divorce is one of the major changes being considered this year, then there are several steps to take to prepare for the legal process ahead. This is especially important for those who aren’t familiar with the finances of their household. Below, we discuss the important things to start doing if you plan to end a marriage this year. #1: Financial Information Sometimes a spouse will cut off the other from credit cards and even withdraw funds ...
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  • What Are the Different Types of Visitation?

    What Are the Different Types of Visitation? Visitation rights, in the context of family law, refer to the legal privileges granted to the non-custodial parent to spend time with their child after a separation or divorce. These rights are designed to maintain the parent-child relationship and ensure the well-being of the child, despite the altered family structure. The manner and extent of visitation can vary dramatically depending on the specifics of the situation, including the child's needs, the parents' ability to cooperate, and the physical distance between the ...
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