McKinley Irvin Blogs from March 2022

  • Can Agreements on Child Support be Made Outside of Court?

    Can Agreements on Child Support be Made Outside of Court? Litigation around child support issues can be prohibitively expensive in terms of legal fees. Therefore, handling child support issues outside of court can save time and money. If you and your co-parent wish to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal process, you may try to resolve your child support issues by coming to an agreed child support order outside of court and then presenting the agreement to the court for entry in order to ensure its enforceability. Most couples going through a divorce are primarily concerned about ...
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  • How to Collect Child Support Internationally

    How to Collect Child Support Internationally Although the United States recognizes that both parents should provide support to their children, other countries don’t always honor child support orders that were established in the U.S. when it comes to international child support disputes. If you are a co-parent with someone who lives in another country, it can be difficult to collect child support, however, there might be legal remedies available if you are the custodial parent. Which Countries Does the United States Have Agreements With? The U.S. has reciprocal ...
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  • Dads & Divorce: Tips for Fathers

    Dads & Divorce: Tips for Fathers Fathers play a critically important role in the lives of their children and Washington state law recognizes this by providing fathers with rights and tools that allow them to establish and maintain their paternal relationships. McKinley Irvin's Washington divorce attorneys have represented numerous fathers in courts across Washington and Oregon. We know how to effectively protect fathers’ rights, and how to provide the counsel fathers need to create healthy, working solutions that protect their both their interests and the ...
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  • Filing Taxes After Divorce: What to Expect

    Filing Taxes After Divorce: What to Expect Divorce can have serious tax implications for both spouses, whether they recently filed petitions or just finalized their divorce agreement. From choosing the right tax filing status to determining which exemptions can be claimed for dependent children, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Determining the Right Filing Status Choosing the correct filing status will depend on whether the divorce is finalized on or before December 31, which is the final day of the tax year. If the divorce was completed ...
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  • Changing a Legal Separation to Divorce

    Changing a Legal Separation to Divorce There are a variety of situations and personal reasons that spouses have for choosing legal separation instead of filing for divorce. For example, spouses sometimes do this for religious reasons or to keep one spouse on the other’s health insurance benefits. Although couples who decide to legally separate don’t necessarily ever have to get divorced, if one of them eventually decides that they want to remarry, then they must obtain a divorce to do so. In the state of Washington, couples who legally separate can convert the ...
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  • Three Benefits of Arbitrating Family Law Disputes

    Three Benefits of Arbitrating Family Law Disputes Although mediation is often utilized to resolve family law disputes, in cases where the independent third-party facilitator cannot help the parties come to a reasonable agreement, and the disputing parties still need someone to make a judgment but they don’t want to deal with the hassle of the court system, then arbitration might be the best option in this situation. Below, we discuss three benefits of arbitrating family law disputes. #1: Both Parties Can Choose the Judge One of the greatest benefits of arbitration is that ...
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