McKinley Irvin Blogs from November 2015

  • "Why Can't We Share a Divorce Attorney?"

    "Why Can't We Share a Divorce Attorney?" Divorce raises many questions. For some, the most important question is “Who gets the house?” or “Will I get sole custody of my children?” For couples facing a low-conflict divorce, one common question is, “Can we share a divorce lawyer?” The short answer to this question is no – even if you and your spouse have resolved important issues like asset division and child custody before finalizing the divorce. Sharing an Attorney Means Conflict of Interest Even if your divorce is “uncontested,” you and your spouse are opposing ...
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  • Will Divorce Affect My Credit?

    Will Divorce Affect My Credit? You built a life with someone here in Seattle and now that life has changed—and you’re getting divorced. As you prepare yourself for this change, one of the things that you should give some thought to is your credit. Good credit can give you the opportunity to move on to a fresh new start more easily, while bad credit or a burden of debts can become one of your biggest obstacles after the divorce. Therefore, it is vital for you to understand the pitfalls surrounding credit as well as the ways you can protect it and your ...
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  • How Divorce May Affect Children and What to Do About It

    How Divorce May Affect Children and What to Do About It Going through a divorce is a difficult experience for anyone, but it is especially traumatic on children. Often, one parent essentially disappears from the family home, even if they still see that parent on weekends. Instead of one home, they now have two that they are shuffled between—and in some cases, both homes are new environments. Additionally, they may find themselves caught between parents, asked to choose which parent they prefer to live with, asked to deliver messages from one parent to the other, or used as a ...
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