McKinley Irvin Blogs from April 2014

  • Why Prenup Should Never Be A Dirty Word

    Why Prenup Should Never Be A Dirty Word We’re in Love. Why Do We Need a Prenup? If you are part of a couple contemplating marriage, a prenuptial agreement (prenup) may be one of the last things on your mind. This is understandable, as no one usually seeks to marry intending for this relationship to be over one day. However, the belief that discussing or entering into a prenuptial agreement somehow equates to confidence the relationship will eventually end is misguided. Consideration of a prenuptial agreement can be an important step in the progression of your ...
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  • 5 Tips for Getting Re-Employed after a Divorce

    The prospect of a divorce can be particularly stressful for the spouse who has been out of the workplace for some time. While it may have made sense for one of the spouses to stay home during the marriage, once the parties begin to live separately it may simply be unrealistic for the stay–at–home spouse not to return to work after a divorce. If you are facing the seemingly overwhelming process of finding a job after divorce, don’t lose heart. It’s difficult but far from impossible. Here are five tips to get you started on ...
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  • Tips for Grandparents Seeking Custody of Grandchildren

    Many states have laws that permit a court to award custody of minor children to a grandparent or other third-party with a significant relationship with that minor child. Because these laws can infringe on a biological parent’s fundamental rights to parent their children, the laws must be tailored to meet a compelling state interest in protecting the welfare and safety of children. A constitutionally permissible law that allows a court to award custody to a grandparent often requires the grandparent to: Overcome a presumption ...
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