McKinley Irvin Blogs from January 2022

  • Valuation of Real Estate in Divorce

    Valuation of Real Estate in Divorce Under Washington's community property law, assets must be divided equitably between spouses who file for divorce. Dividing assets equitably does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split between the spouses. During the divorce, both parties must take stock of the assets they own and assign a value, regardless of if the asset is in one spouse’s name or jointly owned. This process is called valuation. Although valuation of property can be fairly simple when it comes to a bank or retirement account, it can be complicated if there is ...
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  • Contempt of Court in Family Law Cases

    Contempt of Court in Family Law Cases When an ex violates court orders, filing a motion for contempt is a legal option to carefully consider. Contempt is a severe legal remedy that can be used when a person intentionally disobeys a court order. When it comes to family law cases, judges generally do not want to find someone in contempt unless there is a serious violation of a restraining order, or one party fails to act in court-ordered manners like child support or spousal maintenance. Common examples of contempt in family law cases include: A parent refuses to ...
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  • Announcing Partner Lisa Ward

    Announcing Partner Lisa Ward McKinley Irvin is thrilled to announce that Lisa Ward has been named a partner in the firm. Based in our Vancouver office, Lisa represents clients in all family law matters, including complex property division and high asset divorce litigation. “Lisa is a leader in the practice of family law and an exceptional advocate for our clients and their families. We are pleased to welcome Lisa as a partner and look forward to her being an integral part of the future of the firm, ” says Founder and CEO, Rita Herrera Irvin. Lisa ...
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  • Child Support for Children with Special Needs

    Child Support for Children with Special Needs When a court decides how to distribute child support payments, they consider several factors, including the mental and physical health of the child. The child’s well-being will always come first in the eyes of the court, so if a child has a special set of needs, the court will consider how those needs may affect the child’s care and living expenses. Whether you and your child’s other parent share custody or one of you has primary custody, it is important for you to understand how child support could be affected by your ...
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