Digital Divorce: A Guide for Social Media & Digital Communications

Digital Divorce Guide

Is your spouse tracking your phone?

Your smartphone may be tracking your movements throughout the day. Many smartphones automatically use GPS tracking to track your movements, including what time you are at each location throughout the day. You may want to consider looking into how to disable this tracking function.

You should also change the password on your phone. If you don’t use a password, you should activate that feature.

Disable apps that use location tracking

Be cautious about what social media applications are downloaded on your phone and what permissions you have granted to these applications. Many social media applications (such as Facebook and Foursquare) may automatically track your phone’s location and may even automatically notify other people of your location.

Tracking apps can be installed without your knowledge

Whether or not you disable the tracking function on your phone, there are multiple apps that can be installed on a smartphone to discreetly track the phone owner’s movements and use of the phone. If you suspect your partner is capable of this, you might want to consider having your phone scanned to see if any apps have been installed without your knowledge.

Beware shared phone accounts

If you are on a family plan with the other party during a divorce or custody case, be aware that the other party likely has access to information on who you call and who you text message on your phone. If you are involved in a custody or divorce case, you should consider getting a phone on a separate plan from the opposing party in your case.

Don't track someone without their knowledge

Do not place a GPS device on the other party’s car or install a GPS tracking app on the other party’s phone without consulting with an attorney. Depending on the laws in your state, such actions may be illegal. If the actions taken to track the opposing party are not illegal in your state, they still could be deemed to constitute stalking or inappropriate behavior by the court.

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