McKinley Irvin Blogs from November 2023

  • What Happens if the Father is Not on the Birth Certificate?

    What Happens if the Father is Not on the Birth Certificate? When a father is not listed on a birth certificate, it brings both legal and social implications. The absence of the father's name can significantly affect the child's rights, including inheritance, access to family medical history, and social security benefits, as well as the child's emotional well-being. Additionally, it can impact the father’s legal responsibilities and rights concerning custody, visitation, and child support. This blog aims to shed light on these specifics and provide insight into steps you can take to ...
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  • Uncontested Divorce in Washington

    Uncontested Divorce in Washington Uncontested divorce in Washington is a divorce without conflict over its terms. Both spouses agree on all issues without fighting over them. Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce In a contested divorce, there will be major disagreements on one or more of the terms. It is a much lengthier process where the judge makes the final decisions. This is the type of divorce where you or your spouse file the divorce papers and then serve the other. In an uncontested divorce, on the other hand, you would be jointly filing a petition. ...
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  • Can You Modify Parenting Plans for the Holidays?

    Can You Modify Parenting Plans for the Holidays? In Washington State, it is indeed possible to modify parenting plans for the holiday season. This is a common concern for divorced or separated parents who wish to ensure that their children can enjoy the holiday festivities with both parents. However, it's important to note that any modifications to the parenting plan require a mutual agreement between both parties or a court order. The process can be complex and often requires an understanding of specific legal procedures. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how you can ...
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  • 3 Things to Know About Spousal Support in Washington

    3 Things to Know About Spousal Support in Washington Spousal support, also called spousal maintenance, is a court-ordered payment that one spouse must make to the other to make sure that neither spouse is left destitute both during and after the divorce proceedings. Below, we explain different types of spousal support, the tax consequences, and when spousal support can be modified in Washington. #1: Types of Spousal Maintenance Judges in Washington can award three types of spousal maintenance: temporary support, short-term maintenance, and long-term maintenance. Judges can ...
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  • Thanksgiving After Divorce: 3 Tips for Co-Parents

    Thanksgiving After Divorce: 3 Tips for Co-Parents While divorce can be a struggle for families with children all throughout the year, Thanksgiving can be a particularly difficult time when parents can’t celebrate the holiday with their kids. The first few Thanksgivings can be especially tough for divorced families as they adjust to their new normal. Below, we explain three strategies that can help you cope with the new reality of being a co-parent during the holiday season. Tip #1: Stick to Your Parenting Schedule There are a variety of ways co-parents can divide up ...
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  • Preventing a Co-parent From Taking a Child Out of the Country

    Preventing a Co-parent From Taking a Child Out of the Country If you are married to a citizen of another country, have children, and are divorcing or considering a divorce, it is natural to fear what would happen if your spouse were to take your children out of the country. If this happens, it can be difficult to bring the child back to the United States. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Please note: If you are facing a custody situation where this is an issue, it is important to contact a family law attorney experienced in international matters right away to advise you ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Named in 2024 Best Law Firms®

    McKinley Irvin Named in 2024 Best Law Firms® McKinley Irvin is proud to be acknowledged for outstanding professionalism in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms ®. With a 13-year streak of recognition, the firm continues to maintain its Tier 1 status as a leading family law firm in the Seattle metropolitan area. Firms included in the Best Law Firms list have received persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. To qualify for inclusion in the Best Law Firms list, a firm must have at least one lawyer listed in The Best Lawyers in America. McKinley Irvin has ...
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  • How to Protect Your Credit in a Washington Divorce

    How to Protect Your Credit in a Washington Divorce Divorce is a significant life event that can have lasting impacts on various aspects of our lives, including economic security. For many couples, the implications of divorce on credit score and other key elements of financial stability can be major concerns when preparing for marriage dissolution. Understanding how divorce can affect your credit is crucial for protecting your financial well-being during and after the process. In this blog, we’ll explore the potential ways that divorce can influence credit scores in ...
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