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  • Attorney Amy Cross Joins McKinley Irvin in Portland

    Attorney Amy Cross Joins McKinley Irvin in Portland McKinley Irvin is delighted to welcome our newest attorney, Amy Cross, to our Portland office. Not only is she a skilled family law attorney, Amy also brings years of experience in estate planning and elder law to the firm. For over 11 years, Amy has served family law and estate planning clients as a solo practitioner in the Portland metro area. She is respected by her clients and peers for her strength of character, kindness, and tenacious advocacy. At McKinley Irvin, Amy’s practice will focus on divorce and family law ...
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  • How a Divorce Can Impact Your 401(k) and Retirement Planning

    How a Divorce Can Impact Your 401(k) and Retirement Planning Most people are aware that when a couple divorces, they must decide what to do with their home and divvy up the bank accounts and other assets accumulated throughout the marriage. But did you know that your 401(k), pensions, and other retirement accounts are considered assets that may also be subject to division? Below we have identified some common questions about what happens to these accounts during a divorce. How are 401(k) and IRA Accounts Split During a Divorce? Retirement accounts that include money that was earned ...
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  • Am I Entitled To My Spouse's Inheritance?

    Am I Entitled To My Spouse's Inheritance? People contemplating or going through divorce frequently wonder which assets are subject to property division and which are not. For example, many individuals often question if an inheritance is divisible in a divorce. Inheritances Not Divided as Community Property in Divorce In most cases, inheritances are not subject to equitable distribution in a divorce since they are not considered community property. Rather, inheritances are considered separate properties, meaning an inheritance belongs to the person who received the ...
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  • Medical Decisions & Divorce: Why Khloe Kardashian Was Legally Responsible for Lamar Odom

    Medical Decisions & Divorce: Why Khloe Kardashian Was Legally Responsible for Lamar Odom By Brent Bohan , Associate Entertainment headlines came fast and furious when former NBA and reality TV star, Lamar Odom, was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel. And while Odom and wife, Khloe Kardashian, both signed divorce papers in July, a judgement was never entered into court and their divorce never finalized. That meant Kardashian was still next of kin – and legally responsible for making his medical decisions even though they’d filed for divorce . How did that happen? In many cases, when a person is hospitalized or ...
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  • Why Native Americans Families Should Re-Consider Professional Estate Planning Services

    Having a well thought-out will or other estate planning instrument in place can provide peace of mind and financial benefits for any family. This is particularly true for Native American families. The complex history of the law governing ownership and distribution of tribally-owned land and property poses/creates unique risks and concerns when it comes to the disposition of land and property upon the death of a family member. Such issues are best addressed with careful and professional estate planning legal services . The ...
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  • Ins & Outs of a Will, Living Will & Trust

    Estate planning is an important legal tool often put on the back burner because people are very busy with their day-to-day activities. Before putting off estate planning any further, it is important to consider the various estate planning options available - particularly three heavily used estate planning tools: (1) wills, (2) living wills, and (3) living trusts. As laws vary by state, it is always important to seek legal advice from local family attorney experienced in estate planning in your jurisdiction. Wills A will (or ...
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  • 9 Financial Tips for Baby Boomer Remarriages

    As baby boomers venture into the retired life, many are not just calling it a day. Today’s retirees are looking at their retreat as a second chance to fulfill their happiness, and many are finding that in a new marriage. Because boomer nuptials come later in a well-established life and are typically not their first marriage, there are often more complicated financial issues on the table. Couples should consider the following baby boomer checklist and financial advice to make their nuptials adventure a stress-free endeavor: ...
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