McKinley Irvin Blogs from October 2021

  • Pet Custody in Washington

    Pet Custody in Washington As many people develop a deep connection with their pets and treat them as an essential part of their family, the matter of which spouse gets to keep the pet after a divorce can be a contentious legal issue. Unlike children, there are no “ custody ” laws in the state of Washington for pets because they are considered property under the law. When spouses can't reach an agreement on who should have custody of the pet, judges will generally award the pet to the spouse who was mostly responsible for taking care of it. If there ...
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  • Making a Parenting Plan for Halloween

    Making a Parenting Plan for Halloween Halloween is quickly approaching and for some divorced and separated couples , this means determining a co-parenting schedule. However, because Halloween is the type of holiday that people generally celebrate for just one evening, planning can be especially hard for co-parents. Below, we discuss some of the strategies co-parents use to divide time fairly with their children on Halloween. Review Provisions In The Existing Parenting Plan Although the details of a parenting plan are unique, there is usually a section within the ...
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  • What Happens When a Parenting Plan is Violated?

    What Happens When a Parenting Plan is Violated? When a parent violates a court-ordered or agreed-upon parenting plan, they run the risk of being held in contempt of court. Not only that, but they could face custody and visitation-related consequences if the court considers it to be a serious and consistent enough issue. The parent could be held in contempt for the following: Intentionally and repeatedly violating visitation times Failing to return your child to the other parent on time or at all Trying to alienate your child against the other parent Refusing to allow the ...
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  • Common Obstacles When Stepparents and Second Parents Adopt

    Common Obstacles When Stepparents and Second Parents Adopt Although being a stepparent is rewarding, many stepparents struggle when they encounter situations in which the legal rights associated with parenthood don’t apply to the relationship they have with their stepchildren. That is why stepparent adoption is such a major milestone for blended families. There are two common types of adoption in Washington, stepparent adoption and second-parent adoption. Stepparent adoption is a legal process by which the spouse of one of the biological parents legally adopts the child and the ...
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  • Parenting Rights for Stepparents

    Parenting Rights for Stepparents Roughly 40% of all married couples with children in the U.S. are blended families. With so many stepparents raising their spouse's children, the question of parental rights and legal guardianship is commonly raised when it comes to matters like discipline, medical decisions, and where the children will attend school. It is important to note that stepparents do not automatically have the right to make legal decisions for their stepchildren simply by virtue of their relationship to them. In order to obtain this right, a ...
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  • Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First?

    Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First? Are There Benefits to Filing for Divorce First? Many divorce attorneys argue that there really is no advantage to filing for dissolution (divorce) first, however, we believe that it depends on your individual circumstances. In general, there are certain financial and legal benefits to being the first to file for divorce. The advantages of filing for divorce first can include: More Planning : You get to plan in advance and take your time selecting a lawyer, rather than having to scramble to find a lawyer to meet with you and ...
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  • 3 Things to Know About Spousal Support in Washington

    3 Things to Know About Spousal Support in Washington Spousal support, also called spousal maintenance, is a court-ordered payment that one spouse must make to the other to make sure that neither spouse is left destitute both during and after the divorce proceedings . Below, we explain different types of spousal support, the tax consequences, and when spousal support can be modified in Washington. #1: Types of Spousal Maintenance Judges in Washington can award three types of spousal maintenance: temporary support, short-term maintenance, and long-term maintenance. Judes can ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Welcomes Caitlin Dennis to our Vancouver Office

    McKinley Irvin Welcomes Caitlin Dennis to our Vancouver Office McKinley Irvin is excited to welcome family law attorney Caitlin Dennis to our Vancouver office. Caitlin represents clients in divorce, custody, and other family law matters. Caitlin has over fifteen years of experience working in family law, first as a paralegal and later as an attorney. She is passionate about finding solutions that minimize conflict and stress for her clients. While she works to reach favorable settlements outside of court, she is a strong advocate in litigation when trial is necessary. Caitlin completed ...
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