McKinley Irvin Blogs from February 2018

  • 4 Tips for Your Divorce Deposition

    4 Tips for Your Divorce Deposition Some divorce matters require each spouse to go through a deposition. A divorce deposition is essentially a testimony you give to the opposing attorney, out of court. You will be sworn in and are required to tell the truth as if you were in court, although depositions usually take place in a conference room or other agreed-upon location. All questions and answers during the deposition will be recorded and may be used as under-oath testimony in court, so it is of the utmost importance that you know what to expect and how to ...
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  • Family Law Attorneys Jennifer Coombs and Brian Edwards Join McKinley Irvin

    Family Law Attorneys Jennifer Coombs and Brian Edwards Join McKinley Irvin We are pleased to announce that family law attorneys Jennifer Coombs and Brian Edwards have joined McKinley Irvin. Our new team members bring unique talents to McKinley Irvin and the clients we serve. Jennifer Coombs has over 20 years of experience in Snohomish County in family law, juvenile dependency matters, and civil litigation. Coombs is well known for her knowledge and skill in matters involving parenting plans and non-parental custody issues. She will represent clients at our Everett office. Brian Edwards focuses his ...
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  • How Domestic Violence Could Impact Your Divorce

    How Domestic Violence Could Impact Your Divorce When there is domestic violence in a marriage, ending that marriage is usually more complicated than a typical divorce. Domestic violence includes any type of physical abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, emotional abuse, or another form of harassment inflicted on one spouse by the other. If you or your child are the victim of domestic violence, it is important that you prepare for your upcoming divorce by understanding what to expect from the legal process. Seeking Protection Whereas other couples may be worrying about property ...
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  • Selling the House During a Divorce

    Selling the House During a Divorce As a couple goes through the process of a divorce, deciding what to do with the marital home can be tricky. Sometimes one person may wish to keep the house by buying the other spouse out, or they may decide to keep the home and sell it after the divorce is finalized. Other couples, however, choose to sell their home during the divorce. Why do some choose to sell? There are benefits to selling the house in the midst of the divorce process, both financially and personally. The profit gained from the sale of your home might ...
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