McKinley Irvin Blogs from September 2017

  • When Will My Divorce Be Finalized?

    When Will My Divorce Be Finalized? A divorce is officially finalized when the judge signs the paperwork for his or her final decision. At the very least, a divorce in Washington will take 3 months, which is the minimum waiting period. After 3 months, the duration of a divorce depends on its level of complexity. Couples who have few conflicts, relevant prenuptial agreements, or minimal assets may experience a rapid divorce process—typically 3 to 6 months. Others, however, with more complex finances and child custody disputes may take much longer, some lasting ...
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  • What Happens if My Spouse Doesn't Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

    What Happens if My Spouse Doesn't Hire a Divorce Lawyer? Regardless of the purpose, whether to save money or for personal reasons, some people simply choose not to hire an attorney to represent them during their divorce. If your spouse decides to go this route and chooses to handle the legal aspects of the divorce on his/her own, you should know what to expect. It will probably take longer. When your spouse does not hire an attorney, they will act as their own legal representation, whereas you will have a lawyer to advise you and to speak for you. This means your lawyer and your ...
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  • What to Do Before Asking for a Divorce

    What to Do Before Asking for a Divorce Even if you feel you are ready for a divorce, it could be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate your current situation before you officially make your wishes known to your spouse. Before you say, “I want a divorce,” make sure you are emotionally and financially ready for what will come next. Why this is a big deal Deciding to divorce your spouse is a huge decision. It will significantly change your family dynamics, especially if you have children, your financial situation, personal life, and even some aspects of your ...
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