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  • Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses

    Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses Many people who receive Social Security retirement benefits aren’t aware that certain members of their family might also be eligible to receive benefits on their record. If a spouse, ex-spouse, or child meets certain requirements, they can receive a monthly payment of up to one-half of the retirement benefit amount they are attached to. It’s important to note that when an eligible family member receives Social Security payments, the other recipient’s benefits won’t decrease. How to Collect Social Security From an Ex-Spouse ...
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  • Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July

    Splitting Custody for the Fourth of July Although child custody plans are supposed to help parents cooperate and move forward accommodating their children’s needs, they don’t always work out perfectly, especially when it comes to spending time with the children on holidays like the Fourth of July. If Independence Day is an important holiday to you, then you should try to reach a compromise with your co-parent to include time for holiday traditions you would like to continue with your children, such as barbecuing or watching a fireworks show. The best parenting ...
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  • Questions a Divorce Attorney Will Ask to Assess a Case

    Questions a Divorce Attorney Will Ask to Assess a Case Without proper preparation, the first consultation with a divorce lawyer can be a daunting task. Divorce lawyers ask a series of questions about the marriage, family dynamics, finances, and other personal things. While it may feel invasive to answer some of these questions, the attorney is asking them for the sake of building a solid case. When getting ready for the first consultation with an attorney, it’s wise to prepare ahead of time by compiling documents and information that will be useful in the case. Below are some of ...
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  • McKinley Irvin Named One of Washington's Best Places to Work

    McKinley Irvin Named One of Washington's Best Places to Work We are proud to announce that McKinley Irvin has been named one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s 100 Best Workplaces in Washington for 2022. This recognition is driven by employee feedback. The Puget Sound Business Journal partners with Quantum Workplace to anonymously survey hundreds of companies each year. Survey results are then graded and scored to create a list of finalists. Here is what some of our employees had to say about working at McKinley Irvin: “McKinley Irvin is a wonderful place to work …. Those in leadership ...
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  • Modifying a Child Support Order Due to a Disability

    Modifying a Child Support Order Due to a Disability When an ex-spouse becomes disabled and can no longer work or can only work part time, it can be stressful for both them and their former spouse if the injured party is responsible for paying alimony or child support . Not only does the disabled individual have to adjust to new limitations, but the party who receives these regular payments may be worried about their financial dependency. Parents in Washington are considered responsible for the financial needs of their children up until 18 years of age or graduation of high ...
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  • Is Washington a Community Property State?

    Is Washington a Community Property State? When a couple gets divorced in Washington, the courts will take a community property approach to divide their assets. Under community property law, all of the items the divorcing parties acquired during their marriage will be considered marital property, which will then be split equally among them. In Washington, community property generally includes the following: The income both parties earned during the marriage. This includes retirement benefits, interest earned on investments, capital gains, and other assets. Property ...
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  • Uncontested Divorce in Washington

    Uncontested Divorce in Washington Uncontested divorce in Washington is a divorce without conflict over its terms. Both spouses agree on all issues without fighting over them. Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce In a contested divorce, there will be major disagreements on one or more of the terms. It is a much lengthier process where the judge makes the final decisions. This is the type of divorce where you or your spouse file the divorce papers and then serve the other. In an uncontested divorce, on the other hand, you would be jointly filing a petition. ...
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  • How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process

    How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process Before your divorce is finalized, you and your co-parent might be concerned about how you’ll share parenting responsibilities in the interim. The divorce process can be complicated and lengthy, so having a temporary parenting plan in place is the best way you can ensure you create a stable environment for your children and set clear-cut expectations with your spouse. While you meet with your attorney to discuss the details of your divorce or negotiate the terms of your official child custody agreement in court, your ...
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