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  • The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Why You Should Tell Your Divorce Lawyer Everything

    The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Why You Should Tell Your Divorce Lawyer Everything Full disclosure isn’t always in your best interest, but when it comes to discussing your divorce case with your attorney, you should always tell the complete truth. The issues of your divorce are personal, and you may feel the need to protect your privacy. If your divorce lawyer doesn’t know everything about your case, however, it could make the process even more difficult. In fact, keeping important information from your attorney will often wind up hurting your case. Before you decide to withhold information from your ...
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  • Understanding Child Custody Rights in Washington State

    Understanding Child Custody Rights in Washington State Legal issues involving children, such as child custody, can be extremely emotional, frustrating, and oftentimes difficult to work through. Parents want what is best for their children – but when they cannot agree about what that looks like, court intervention might be necessary. However, dealing with the legal restrictions and laws in your state can be challenging. Whether you’re going through a divorce, a separation, or are renegotiating a long-standing custody arrangement, it’s important for you to understand your rights ...
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  • Am I Responsible for My Spouse’s Gambling Debt?

    Am I Responsible for My Spouse’s Gambling Debt? Gambling losses can have a devastating and lasting effect on your life and the lives of those around you. In some cases, a person’s gambling debt might even be cause enough for a divorce. In any case, if you are getting a divorce and your spouse has acquired debt through gambling, you might be wondering what will happen to that debt once you split. Will your spouse be responsible for all of it, or will you be asked to pay a portion? During a divorce, all shared property is divided between the two spouses, and this includes ...
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  • Divorce & Age: What’s the Connection?

    Divorce & Age: What’s the Connection? Can your age play a part in determining whether or not you will get divorced? Statistically speaking—yes, it could play a major role. Nobody plans to get divorced when they marry, but there are certain trends that may indicate a higher likelihood of a marriage ending in divorce if the couple marries at a specific age. Statistics show that millennials and couples from generation X have lower divorce rates than their parents, the baby boomers, which tells us quite a few different things about how age relates to divorce. And, ...
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  • Understanding Your Final Divorce Order

    Understanding Your Final Divorce Order The final divorce order, or dissolution decree, can be somewhat difficult to understand, especially amid the stress of ending a relationship. Throughout the entire divorce process, you and your spouse will spend a great deal of time in and out of court and negotiations, discussing the key aspects of your divorce. During this time, you likely live apart, start to arrange your lives without one another, and learn how to co-parent or divide your other responsibilities. For all intents and purposes, it may seem as if you are ...
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  • How Do Courts Determine Who Gets Custody?

    How Do Courts Determine Who Gets Custody? When parents no longer wish to remain together, they need to establish a child custody arrangement to reflect their parenting decisions. Some parents may be able to work out a plan amongst themselves, but many parents require additional intervention from the court. Whether you are going through a divorce or not, you will need to establish a legally binding custody arrangement for the benefit of both you and your child. If you need to go through the family law court to determine child custody, rather than through negotiation ...
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  • 4 Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

    4 Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce Each relationship has its own unique dynamic and there are plenty of different reasons couples choose to separate or divorce. However, research by psychologist Robert Levenson of University of California, Berkeley and John Gottman of the Gottman Institute, recently revealed that most divorces can be predicted based on the existence of four tell-tale behaviors. According to their research, Levenson and Gottman found that when any of these four behaviors occurred frequently in a married couple’s 15-minute conversation, the ...
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  • Divorcing an Addict or Alcoholic

    Divorcing an Addict or Alcoholic Going through a divorce is hard enough, but when your spouse is an addict, the entire process can be much more challenging. Your spouse’s addiction may have been the reason for your divorce, or it could be a newly developed habit since you’ve decided to split. They may be addicted to prescription drugs, illegal substances, or alcohol. Whatever the situation, divorcing a spouse while they are dealing with addiction can be both painful and frustrating. Addicts often exhibit certain characteristics and behaviors that make it ...
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