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  • Useful Apps to Help with Co-Parenting

    Useful Apps to Help with Co-Parenting There’s an app for everything nowadays, but some may be surprised to learn that there are several applications designed to help with co-parenting. Parenting alongside your ex is not without challenges, so anything you can do to make the situation easier can be an enormous help. There are several applications out there that could make sharing custody or arranging visitation easier for you and your ex. Whether you’re looking for something specific or are simply interested in any new tech-savvy parenting method, these apps ...
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  • What Should I Do If My Spouse Threatens to Divorce Me?

    What Should I Do If My Spouse Threatens to Divorce Me? Every couple fights, but when one spouse starts using the threat of divorce in arguments, you might have a bigger issue on your hands. Marriage can be stressful, and disagreements and fights are an inevitable part of life. But hearing the word “divorce” brought up in any argument, big or small, can be terrifying. If your spouse threatens or mentions divorce, when should you be worried about the security of your marriage? Why threaten divorce? It’s impossible to know what your spouse really means when he or she threatens ...
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  • Is Divorce About Winning?

    Is Divorce About Winning? Deciding to seek a divorce can be a daunting decision, no matter the circumstances. You will be dealing with emotions, fears, huge life changes, uncertainty about the future, and stress. Under this kind of pressure, it sometimes will be hard not to get wrapped up in who gets what, who has the upper hand, and in some cases, wanting your spouse to suffer. However, turning your divorce into a contest can be more damaging than you may realize. Divorce can take a while, and you’ll have to make a lot of choices. If you spend ...
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  • Divorcing a Narcissist

    Divorcing a Narcissist The divorce process isn’t easy for anyone, but when your spouse is particularly self-absorbed or narcissistic, the entire process can be especially challenging. A narcissist is a very extreme type of personality, often characterized by egotistical, arrogant, and unfeeling characteristics. Plenty of people can exhibit these behaviors every now and then – but for a narcissist, these are deep-seated aspects of their personality. Dealing with this personality type during simple arguments can be bad enough, but when you try to go ...
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  • 20 McKinley Irvin Attorneys Included in 2018's Washington Super Lawyers

    20 McKinley Irvin Attorneys Included in 2018's Washington Super Lawyers We congratulate the twenty attorneys from McKinley Irvin's offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and Vancouver who have been named 2018 Washington Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. McKinley Irvin 2018 Washington Super Lawyers: Marc Christianson , Of Counsel Janet A. George , Of Counsel Elizabeth Michelson , Of Counsel Jennifer Payseno , Partner Kim Schnuelle , Senior Attorney Laura Sell , Law Practice Managing Partner David Starks , Partner Gordon W. Wilcox , Of Counsel McKinley Irvin Washington 2018 Rising Stars: Mark Arend , ...
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  • Celebrating Father's Day After Divorce

    Celebrating Father's Day After Divorce After you and your family have undergone a significant change, you’ll realize that some days are more difficult than others. Father’s Day, for example, can be a challenge after you and your spouse have gone through a divorce, both for practical reasons and emotional ones. Most children will likely want to spend time with their father on that day, but what if the prearranged custody agreement or visitation schedule doesn’t line up? Or, what happens if the children already have plans with their mother or other family members ...
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  • What Are Temporary Orders in a Divorce Case?

    What Are Temporary Orders in a Divorce Case? Once your divorce is final, you and your ex-spouse will have a detailed agreement outlining how to handle each aspect of your divorce. Your settlement agreement can include rules regarding child support payments, spousal support payments, child custody, what to do with your shared property, and so on. However, while you’re in the thick of the divorce process, how are you and your spouse supposed to handle these issues? Temporary family law orders can help you, and your spouse, navigate any unclear areas of your divorce while ...
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  • Divorce and Self-Employment: What You Need to Know

    Divorce and Self-Employment: What You Need to Know Every divorce will come with its challenges, but when one or both spouses are self-employed, these challenges may become particularly problematic. For the spouse who is divorcing their self-employed partner, the biggest concern is that he or she may try to downplay the full amount of his or her assets. On the other hand, individuals who are self-employed should be prepared to protect their business from their soon-to-be ex-spouse. In any case, if you or your spouse are self-employed and you are seeking a divorce, it is ...
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