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  • Gray Divorce: What to Expect

    Gray Divorce: What to Expect Overall divorce rates may currently be the lowest they’ve been in the last 50 years, but rates among older adults have dramatically increased in the last few decades. It is now more common than ever for people in their later years to end long-term marriages and forge their own paths. Whereas people may have been more likely in the past to remain in unhappy or less-than-ideal marriages due to cultural and religious stigmas or concern for minor children, gray divorce has become a viable and socially acceptable option for many ...
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  • How Child Custody is Determined in a Divorce

    How Child Custody is Determined in a Divorce The court has several goals in deciding child custody in a divorce case. These goals can include, but are not limited to: Providing for the child’s physical care Maintaining emotional stability for the child Providing for the changing needs of the child as he or she grows and matures Setting forth the responsibility of each parent with respect to the child Minimizing the child’s exposure to harmful parental conflict Overall, the court will make these decisions based on what it thinks are in the child’s best interests. The ...
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  • Relocating With a Child After Divorce

    Relocating With a Child After Divorce Under Washington State law, both parents and anyone else granted visitation by the court are required to be informed if one parent plans to relocate with the child. If a child visitation rights holder, such as the other parent, grandparents, or a sibling, has visitation rights with the child, then the relocating parent must inform them when they plan to move. Washington State law establishes this obligation because everyone involved in the child’s life should be alerted about the move in advance. Below, we discuss what ...
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  • Four Reasons Spouses Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce

    Four Reasons Spouses Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce Deciding to file for divorce or legal separation can be a difficult decision that carries serious legal implications for everyone involved. Although people sometimes assume that divorce is the only way out of a marriage they are no longer satisfied with, a legal separation can provide strong protection that is similar to divorce. In some scenarios, it’s actually advantageous if the couple chooses legal separation over divorce. Keep reading to find out why it might make more sense to legally separate from your spouse instead ...
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  • Creating a Long-Distance Parenting Plan

    Creating a Long-Distance Parenting Plan When it comes to co-parenting over long distances after divorce or separation, it can be difficult to come up with an effective parenting plan. Because long-distance parenting plans are substantially different than standard parenting plans, co-parents must use creative thinking to address the logistics of this complex arrangement so that both have a fair say in their child’s upbringing. A long-distance parenting plan is a set of instructions that dictates how co-parents will raise their children after divorce or separation . ...
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  • Community Property Laws Explained

    Community Property Laws Explained Community property covers all of the possessions and ownership interests that a couple acquired during the course of their marriage. Marital property can also include all of the shared debts the spouses incurred during marriage, with a few exceptions. Essentially, both partners have a 50% ownership claim under community property law . The state of Washington uses the concept of "community property" to determine which spouse should be awarded property ownership after a marriage. Under community property laws, almost all ...
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  • How Are Household Items Divided in a Divorce?

    How Are Household Items Divided in a Divorce? When couples go through a divorce, they must find a way to extricate themselves from one another in a way that allows them to move forward with their own lives. Although the decision to separate from one another is highly personal and emotional, there are several other changes that come with the process, including the division of your assets. In a divorce, the couple must divide their shared property, including everything big and small, from their savings funds to their furniture. Part of the divorce process is determining ...
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  • 3 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Career

    3 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Career A divorce is more than just a personal change—it can alter your professional life as well. While you might be focusing primarily on the emotional pressures and personal issues that come with divorce, there are several practical concerns that require your attention. Often when a person leaves a marriage, this change also means you might have to rethink the way you currently work. For instance, if you work full-time, you might have to adjust to a new role as a single parent by cutting hours. Alternatively, if you weren’t ...
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