Seattle Family Law Speaker Series - Announcing 2014 CLE Schedule

Posted on January 29, 2014 02:40pm
Seattle Family Law Speaker Series - Announcing 2014 CLE Schedule

We are happy to announce the lineup for the 2014 Seattle Family Law Speaker Series. Check out the full schedule below.

These lunchtime CLEs are free and offer 1.0 live CLE credit. There are a limited number of seats. To reserve yours, email or call (206) 397-0399. Please include the name of the CLE(s), your name, state bar number, and email address on your RSVP.

The following CLEs are held from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in our Seattle law office (1501 Fourth Ave., Suite 1750, Seattle, WA):

February 5: "Child Support Deviations"

Family law attorney Boyd Buckingham will speak on the most current law on deviations from the standard calculation in child support matters. He will explain how deviations may be upward as well as downward and what the court may consider in cases of substantial wealth where incomes are low or new spouses/significant others have substantial wealth.

March 5: "Traps for the Unwary: Common Pitfalls in Business Valuations"

Business valuation services expert Kevin Grambush, CPA/ABV, will describe the most common problems and mistakes that arise in a business valuation analysis. Participants will learn what to avoid in their own business valuation expert’s analysis and what to watch for in the opposing expert’s reports.

April 8: "Child Support and Bankruptcy"

The obligation to pay child support does not terminate with the filing of a petition for bankruptcy. However, support creditors must review their actions in light of bankruptcy law to ensure that their actions do not violate the Bankruptcy Code. Attorney Dan Radin will give attorneys resources to protect clients with child support and maintenance obligations who are considering filing for bankruptcy.

May 22: "Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements"

Family law attorney Susan Alexander will speak on the applicable case law when considering whether a prenuptial agreement is enforceable or should be set aside. She will explain how an analysis of the circumstances and timeline of the signing of the prenuptial agreement may preclude courts from making a pretrial ruling on summary judgment as to whether a prenuptial agreement should be enforced or set aside.

June 10: "Preparing for Mediation"

The success of a mediation depends largely on how prepared the parties are. Attorney Melissa Rogers will address the following: What is the most effective way to prepare yourself and your client? How can you effectively represent your client in a mediation if the other party is pro se? What is the best approach to take? What are commons pitfalls inexperienced attorneys fall into, and how can they be avoided?

July 9: "Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Social Media"

Attorney Desiree Hosanna will address how to obtain a domestic violence protection order (DVPO) or defend against a DVPO using evidence from digital and social media, such as Facebook posts, texts, and emails.

August 13: "UCCJEA and Parenting"

Family law attorney Molly Kenny will speak on a myriad of issues concerning the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), focusing primarily on when the act applies and how parties can move a case between different states when appropriate.

September 4: "Making the Most of your Client’s Parenting or GAL Evaluation"

The parenting plan and subsequent evaluation can arguably be one of the most important, emotional and stressful aspects of a dissolution, separation or third party custody action. Parenting evaluator and Guardian Ad Litem Dr. Melanie English, PhD, MSW, will teach you how to emotionally prepare your clients, how to streamline release of records and other information, pitfalls of language on orders, how collaterals are used (and not used), and more.

October 15: "Foreign Order Registration Issues"

This CLE, presented by former thrift regulator and family attorney Allen Dermody, will cover registering foreign judgments in Washington State, registering judgments from Washington in other states, discovery in Washington for cases in other states, discovery in other states for cases in Washington, and service issues in other states or countries (this last item is more critical and nuanced than one might think).

November 11: "Post-Secondary Education Support Issues"

Attorney Erica Knauf Santos will speak about all aspects of post secondary education, including deviations for younger children, living at home and attending college, and statutory factors the court must consider before ordering either party to pay post-secondary support.

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