Could Divorce Put Your Business at Risk?

When business owners and entrepreneurs get divorced, what is already a difficult process can get even more complicated. Here's how:

Could Divorce Put Your Business at Risk? Infographic by McKinley Irvin Family Law Firm

If you are a business owner thinking about divorce

We urge you to consult with an attorney experienced in complex property division matters, including the valuation and distribution of business assets.

We can help you address these common questions and formulate a plan on how to best protect your interests.

  • If the business is your main source of income, how will you continue to provide for yourself (and your children) after divorce?
  • How will you maintain your business's finances and reputation?
  • How can you protect your business's private records and information?
  • How informed are you regarding your business's accounting?
  • If you have complex business assets and investments, how will they be valued?


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You can also watch this video of our partner, David Starks, discussing how we approach divorces with complex financial matters.

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