Three Big Factors That Determine Child Support in WA

Posted on February 12, 2015 04:45pm
Three Big Factors That Determine Child Support in WA

Child support is one of the most common – and contentious – facets of family law. Washington state law takes a variety of factors into consideration to determine how much child support you will pay or receive, depending on the circumstances of your unique family. These include:

  • Custodial Parent’s Income
  • Paying Parent’s Income
  • Child’s Cost of Living

Net Monthly Incomes

The first two factors that determine child support payments in Washington are the monthly incomes of each parent. According to the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, the court determines child support by each parent’s monthly, take-home income.

In Washington, your income includes wages, salaries, business earnings, alimony received, and any other sources of income.

Additionally, the court will take income deficiencies into consideration, such as federal taxes and state taxes. Collectively, the following deficiencies will contribute to your child support plan:

  • Normal Business Expenses
  • Alimony Paid
  • Retirement (Voluntary Contribution)
  • State Industrial Deductions
  • Taxes for Self-Employment
  • Pension Plan Payments (Mandatory)
  • Mandatory Professional / Union Dues

Cost of Living for the Child

According to Washington law, the financial needs of your child / children contribute to the amount of child support you will receive / pay. This includes the cost of day care, education, healthcare, long distance transportation expenses, and special costs.

Getting the Child Support Agreement You Need

Whether you’re looking to pay or receive child support, it is important to seek legal guidance. Child support schedules and parenting plans are difficult to renegotiate without a significant change in one or both parents’ circumstances, so it is critical to find a legal agreement for child support that meets your family’s needs.

At McKinley Irvin, our team of Washington child custody lawyers is ready to put our 20+ years of legal experience to work for your case. We invite you to learn more about your legal options by contacting our office today and scheduling a consultation. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner our attorneys can help your family.

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