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Men seeking a divorce attorney must understand that any competent and ethical lawyer will act in the best interests of their client. The greatest strengths a lawyer can offer to benefit their client include:

  • Proficient Analysis and Strategy
  • Thorough Crafting of a Case
  • Well Honed Negotiation Skills
  • Credibility and Reputation in Court

A lawyer's bias or preconceived notions for or against a particular social or political group will not benefit the client's case before a judge. For this reason, the family attorneys at McKinley Irvin offer equal representation to both men and women. We show no partiality based on gender, political views, or social cause. Instead, we focus on the rights and interests of the client.

Are men treated fairly in court?

In the past, family courts were notoriously biased against men. For many years, the court system assumed that women should retain child custody and fathers should pay child support and spousal maintenance (alimony). Our founding partner, Sands McKinley, has experience representing fathers in court and describes his experience representing male clients in family law court.

"When I started practicing family law in 1991, my male clients always had the uphill battle as compared to my female clients with respect to getting a fair and just result in family law cases. I always had to work harder when I represented men. At that time, there was a general presumption that the mother should always get custody of the children and that fathers could not manage caring for their children for more than a couple of over-nights at a time. When it came to finances, courts were very paternalistic toward women. Men were left financially bruised as courts held them almost exclusively responsible for child support and maintenance."

Fortunately, most judges today find such assumptions absurd. In many counties, such as King County, the term "divorce for men" has led to training policies to encourage judges and commissioners to respect the roles of both men and women within the family unit. Most Washington family courts at present are driven by the best interest of the child, not archaic stereotypes of men's and women's roles.

Instead of assuming that a mother deserves custody, the court will determine which parental situation is best for the child. Similarly, the court will not assume that men should always pay spousal support and child support, opening the possibility for men to receive payment. Sands McKinley attributes some of these changes to the increasing number of female judges on the bench:

"Interestingly, it was frequently my experience that male judges tended to be tougher on men than female judges. With the increased number of women judges and commissioners on the bench, and the retirement of older judges, the historical female biased paternalism of judges in Washington courts has faded to a significant degree. Both men and women judges and commissioners are professionals who work hard, balance family and career, and rely on their spouses to share responsibility for the nurture and care of their children, which is a different dynamic than that experienced by older generations."

Finding the Right Legal Advocate to Represent You

Despite tremendous progress made by family courts throughout the U.S., some law firms only claim "divorce for men" to set themselves apart from the rest of the legal marketplace, but this does not mean that the firm is competent to represent your case. What is most important is whether the lawyer and his or her firm have the experience, talent, skill, reputation, and resources to produce the results you need.

McKinley Irvin attorneys understand the unique issues that men face in family court. We are zealous advocates for all of our clients, regardless of their or gender. This commitment demonstrates our deep dedication to providing the best client service to each and every client, along with our respect and dedication for our roles as lawyers in the justice system.

For additional information about our lawyers, please visit their unique profiles. If you are seeking a family law or fathers' rights attorney in Washington, we invite you to schedule a consultation.

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