Media Update: Single Women and Family Law
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Media Update: Single Women and Family Law

Posted on January 25, 2007 04:05pm

Fifty-nine percent of Seattle women are now living without a spouse. This is significantly higher than the national figure of 51 percent quoted in recent news articles.


An increasing number of women are choosing to cohabitate without entering into marriage. Many of these relationships resemble marriage in every way but the legal documentation, leading to considerable legal complexities if and when the relationship ends. Questions about property and debt division, child support, partner support and other issues have implications such as:

  • Economic impact (even with the protection of marriage, recently divorced women experience a 27 percent drop in their standard of living)
  • Social ramifications (increased demand on family services, welfare and other public agencies)
  • Psychological effects (emotional well-being of all parties, including children)


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