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At McKinley Irvin, we believe the rights, responsibilities, and privileges related to family relationships are among the most sacred in our society. Accordingly, we represent our clients with respect and professionalism, understanding that all families are unique, special, and important. It is our goal to achieve the best possible results for our clients, while at the same time delivering the very best personal service.

We are not only dedicated to providing exceptional legal services. At McKinley Irvin, quality client service is also a priority. To ensure that our priorities are met, we have implemented the following client service goals and monitoring mechanisms:

  • Same day return of phone calls and email by either attorney or staff
  • Client satisfaction inquiries
  • Same day consultation appointments, in person, by phone, or via videoconference
  • Hours of business M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm
  • After hours voice messaging service
  • Detailed monthly billing statements
  • Major credit card payment options

Our Clients' Advantage

Our work as divorce and family law attorneys centers on one primary focal point—our clients. Our attorneys and staff make their way to the office each day to work on behalf of our clients because we believe strongly in the value and purpose of our work.

Having counseled and represented hundreds of individuals in divorce and family law matters for over 25 years, we have encountered clients from virtually every line of work, economic background, and family relationship. Although each client is unique, the great likelihood is that we have represented clients in circumstances similar to yours.

Because almost all law is practiced in the de facto nature of specialties and subspecialties, most of our attorneys focus their practice in certain sub-categories of family law. By focusing their practices on certain types of divorce and family law matters, our attorneys are better able to build concentrated knowledge and experience in the kinds of cases they enjoy working on the most. In addition to ensuring the attorneys’ joie de vivre, this concentrated knowledge and experience provides a significant value to our clients in terms of both efficiency and insight. Moreover, all of our attorneys work collaboratively and routinely share knowledge and experience with one another.

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