How You May Be Sabotaging Yourself in a Divorce

Posted on December 14, 2016 05:02pm
How You May Be Sabotaging Yourself in a Divorce
In a divorce, there is a fine line between zealously protecting yourself during proceedings (even if things seem to be going amicably) and becoming too aggressive. Aggressive behaviors are often the catalyst of lengthy and contentious legal battles, while, in fact, most divorce cases are settled outside of court through negotiation or using tools such as mediation to find solutions to issues in a non-adversarial manner. Even in the face of major disagreements, remember there are ways you can avoid sabotaging yourself and risking an undesirable outcome in your case.

Be aware of these three ways that people commonly sabotage their best interests during a divorce:

Sabotaging Finances

One of the biggest ways that people sabotage their own divorce is by attempting to hide, misreport, and shift assets in an effort to hoard assets and reduce spousal support payments. Not only is raiding finances wrong, but it can result in an extremely unfavorable legal decision when the court finds out. Not to mention, this behavior can significantly lengthen the divorce process, costing you even more money in the long run.

Picking Unnecessary Fights

Divorce is an emotionally stressful time, and unfortunately, many couples respond by becoming overly aggressive and picking fights out of spite and anger instead of attempting to find an equitable solution. Couples who begin their divorce in an aggressive and threatening manner will likely only complicate their divorce, causing the entire process to drag on longer and cost more to resolve. Not only this, but it will also create lasting resentment and hostility that you (and your kids) certainly don’t need in your life. After all, your focus after divorce should be a happier future, not one that will be weighed down by old frustration.

Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

When choosing a divorce lawyer, look for someone with considerable experience and expertise. It is likely not in your best interests to hire someone who handles personal injury cases and a few divorce cases on the side. Look for an attorney whose sole focus is on divorce and family law and ensure that they have a strong reputation. Choose someone whose experience matches the unique needs of your case, and whose approach matches the end results you are seeking.

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