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Family Law Arbitration Services

McKinley Irvin offers arbitration services for family law issues, providing a private, efficient alternative to traditional courtroom proceedings. Our arbitrators are skilled in resolving complex family matters such as divorce, child custody, and financial settlements when the parties involved have yet to reach an agreement on their own.

McKinley Irvin arbitration services help clients receive fair and impartial resolutions tailored to their unique circumstances, helping to reduce the emotional and financial stress often associated with family law conflicts.

There are many benefits to utilizing family law arbitration:

  • Confidential: Arbitration proceedings are private, protecting sensitive information from being included in public court records.
  • Efficient: Arbitration typically resolves disputes faster than traditional court litigation.
  • Cost-Effective: Arbitration can be less expensive than prolonged court battles.
  • Flexibility: Parties have more control over scheduling and procedural rules, tailoring the process to their needs.
  • Final: Arbitrators provide final decisions in your family law case after carefully reviewing all the evidence and circumstances. Decisions in arbitration are binding and typically not subject to appeal, offering a conclusive resolution.

Experienced And Trusted Professionals

Our arbitrators’ qualifications include experience as attorneys, former judges, Pro Tem commissioners, and trained mediators who are well-suited to provide knowledgeable and fair resolutions in family law matters. With a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and emotional elements of family law issues, their experience and insight allow them to review and resolve all family law matters.

Is Mediation Available?

Yes. If parties prefer to address their disputes via traditional mediation, that option is available. Please refer to our Mediation page. Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to resolve matters by agreement. Resolution reached by agreement has been shown to provide a more holistic approach and a higher likelihood of parties being willing to abide by the orders because they created them by agreement.

Is Mediation/Arbitration Available?

Absolutely. The mediation/arbitration hybrid is a popular new option, which can provide parties with “the best of both worlds.”

In a mediation/arbitration process, parties first attempt to resolve disputed issues by agreement. If successful, the parties enter into an enforceable settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is then drafted into appropriate orders by the parties and entered with the court.

If, as sometimes happens, the parties are unable to resolve any/all disputed issues, then they can agree to submit the remaining issues to the mediator for a ruling that resolves the remaining issues. Thus, the mediator becomes an arbitrator. Having heard all the information and reviewed all documents, the mediator is in a unique position to make binding rulings as to any remaining issues. This saves the parties the costs, time, and the stress of “starting over.”

Contact Us To Reserve An Arbitrator And Arbitration Date

Arbitrators and dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be confirmed by our Client Services Department. For further information about scheduling, please call Client Services at (206) 397-0399, submit an online contact form, or email us at

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