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  • The Potential Challenges in an LGBTQ Divorce

    The Potential Challenges in an LGBTQ Divorce The fight for marriage equality was a hard-won victory for the LGBTQ+ community. However, the legal landscape surrounding divorce for same-sex couples can still be a minefield. While the core issues of emotional turmoil and financial disentanglement remain similar to opposite-sex divorces, LGBTQ+ couples face unique challenges during the divorce process. In this blog, we will discuss those specific challenges in further detail. Child Custody & Same-Sex Divorce Same-sex couples have many options and possibilities when it ...
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  • Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer With Experience In Gay & LGBT Divorce

    Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer With Experience In Gay & LGBT Divorce Divorce is never easy, but there are specific issues that can arise when same-sex couples end a marriage despite the fact that Washington State family law applies equally to gay and straight married couples. To help protect you from these issues, LGBT spouses who are getting divorced should seek out a family law attorney with experience in gay and lesbian divorce. Hiring a lawyer with a reputation for successfully handling gay and LGBT divorce cases can make an enormous difference in the outcome, especially when it comes to ...
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  • Basics of LGBTQ Divorce

    Basics of LGBTQ Divorce In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states, granting LGBTQ individuals the same privileges that heterosexual couples have under the law. LGBTQ individuals are entitled to tax exemptions, improved social security, and insurance advantages when they get married. Prior to the 2015 ruling, LGBTQ marriage was banned in 13 states, which meant that couples seeking divorce had to travel to other states or countries to legally dissolve their marriage. Thanks to the 2015 ruling, LGBTQ marriage laws ...
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  • Two Unique Issues in a Same-Sex Divorce

    Two Unique Issues in a Same-Sex Divorce Although the basics of the divorce process are essentially the same for heterosexual and same-sex couples, there are a few unique challenges the latter may face and the former may not. As the path to marriage and parenthood for same-sex couples has evolved over time, there are laws and stipulations that make obtaining a divorce a bit more complex than it might be for hetero couples. Thankfully, if you know what these potential problems are, you can be better prepared to face them when they arise. If you and your spouse are ...
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  • Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples

    Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples Marriage equality may have felt like a big leap and in many ways, it was, but we still have a long way to go before same-sex couples enjoy true legal equality in family matters. Just like any other couple, same sex-couples often wish to get married, start families, and live their lives with a healthy dose of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, certain legal issues and long-standing prejudice can stand in the way of family life for the LGBT community. Some of the more common family law issues for same-sex couples include: ...
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  • New Legal Guide on Same-Sex Marriage, Parenting | Divorce in WA State

    New Legal Guide on Same-Sex Marriage, Parenting | Divorce in WA State McKinley Irvin is pleased to announce the publication of our comprehensive online Legal Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Parenting & Divorce in Washington State. Written by our own Jill Mullins, this guide provides an easy-to-understand, comprehensive look into the legal rights, responsibilities, and-especially-the legal complexities that exist for same-sex couples and families. We address questions many same-sex couples face, such as: What legal rights are same-sex couples in Washington granted? How can a same-sex couple ...
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  • My Partner & I Split Up. Now What?

    Questions and Answers about “Divorce” for Long-Term Unmarried Couples in Washington Ending a long-term relationship is a difficult process whether the partners are married or not. Whether you are entering into a new relationship or your relationship has come to an end, your attorney can help protect your financial future. While these questions and answers provide a basic overview, it is critically important that you consult an attorney experienced in this unique area of the law to determine how these laws apply to your ...
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  • How Can I file for a Domestic Partnership in Washington? | LGBT Law

    How Can I file for a Domestic Partnership in Washington? | LGBT Law Couples seek a domestic partnership in Washington State to gain many of the same privileges and obligations of marriage. Domestic partnerships in Washington State are most widely sought by same-sex couples who wish to have their relationships recognized by state law and to obtain the same legal rights and responsibilities as married couples. Obtaining a domestic partnership is not difficult. The details and processes behind filing for a domestic partnership in Washington State are explained in this article. How is a Domestic ...
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