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For those involved in a Washington State divorce, we serve our local and international divorce clients from our offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, Vancouver, and surrounding areas.

McKinley Irvin's Oregon Divorce Lawyers

For those involved in an Oregon divorce, we serve our local and international divorce clients from our offices in Portland and Vancouver.

We know divorce is not just a legal process. It is an intimate human experience.

The rights and responsibilities related to our family relationships are among the most sacred in both our society and in our personal lives. Respecting that fact, our mission as a firm is rooted in two equally important driving goals:

  1. To deliver successful legal results for our clients
  2. To provide compassionate, attentive, and personalized client service throughout the case

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

We have represented thousands of clients in divorce proceedings. This includes negotiation, mediation and/or litigation of all the issues that may arise in a divorce case, such as property division, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, etc.

We are well equipped to handle all divorce matters, whether they are straightforward or complex, amicable or contested.

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Handling International Divorce Issues

Every divorce case is unique, and so is our firm.

Every divorce case requires a distribution of property and debt, establishing a parenting plan and child support if there are children, provisions for other common issues found in most divorces, and entry of a divorce decree which legally ends the marriage. Nevertheless, every divorce is as unique as the individuals and circumstances of each case.

The unique circumstances of each case always gives rise to other laws that intersect with or impact a divorce case, such as laws related to tax, real estate, ERISA, military retirement and benefits, intellectual property rights, executive compensation, privately held businesses, wills and trusts, criminal law, domestic violence, and international treaties—just to name a few.

Due to our firm's size, breadth of experience and depth of talent, our attorneys are not just divorce practice generalists. All our firm's attorneys understand where family law and other laws intersect, and most have developed proficiency in specific types of divorce cases—cases in which unique laws and facts arise within the divorce case itself and can be pivotal to the outcome.

Some of these unique types of cases include:

Complex Property and Debt Distribution Issues

This includes cases involving community or separate property interests in family businesses, privately held companies, partnerships, stock options and other executive compensation arrangements, professional practices, unique investment vehicles, collectibles, spousal support (alimony payments), and debt division.

Contested Child Custody
Divorces and relocation cases involving child custody disputes can be complex and difficult, often times involving court appointed professionals or investigators whose findings and opinions can significantly impact the case—for good or bad, right or wrong. Once set in motion, the findings and orders entered by the court can be very difficult to reverse or change in the future. Many of our attorneys are proficient in representing clients in contested child custody matters, and are dedicated to the protection of mothers' and fathers' rights.

Gray Divorce
We can address the unique issues that arise when one or both parties in a divorce are over the age of 50.

Military Divorce
This includes addressing military retirement benefits and processing service for deployed military personnel.

International Divorce
We can handle divorces that include unique challenges in identifying, valuing, and distributing community and separate property located in countries outside of the US, as well as international treaties that govern child custody determinations, collection of child support, and enforcement of judgments.

Gay and Lesbian Divorce
Until there is universal marriage equality throughout all states and the federal government, members of the LGBT community will be forced to continually navigate an evolving environment of family law rights and responsibilities. Our firm has represented members of the LGBT community for over twenty years, and we have always been staunch supporters of universal marriage equality.

Divorce Resolved Through Alternative Dispute Resolution
Most divorce cases are settled out of court using a form of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce, or cooperative divorce. All forms require successful negotiation skills and strategy. In representing our clients, every McKinley Irvin divorce lawyer negotiates from a position of strength, which has proven to be the most successful negotiation strategy for more than 20 years.

High Conflict Divorce Litigation
Most divorce cases are resolved by agreement between the parties. But some are not. For high conflict cases or cases that go to trial, it is critical for the law firm you hire to have experienced, proven divorce litigators. Our firm's lawyers are among the most experienced, proven divorce litigators in the communities we serve, and have been for over twenty years.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

The first step for most people who are thinking about divorce is to get answers to questions. We invite you to start finding answers by reviewing our Washington State Divorce Guide or our Oregon Divorce Guide. We also invite you to contact our firm to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our divorce lawyers who will help you understand your rights and responsibilities based on the unique facts of your case.

For your convenience, we offer consultation appointments in one of our offices, by videoconference, or by teleconference. A trained and knowledgeable McKinley Irvin client services representative will be happy to help you identify the right attorney for your case and schedule your consultation appointment.

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