The Importance of Financial Analysis in Dissolution Asset Division

When: 12-Aug-2015 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Where: 1501 Fourth Avenue, Seattle WA 3rd floor Alki Conference Room

What: Too often, family law attorneys give short shrift to the financial details of assets when preparing for ultimate division of their clients’ assets mediation/trial, such as not considering whether a particular asset is after tax (e.g. checking account) or pretax (e.g. 401(k)). This CLE will highlight some of these areas to provide advice on avoiding pitfalls and providing clients with a better financial picture. Presented by Blake Hilty , family law attorney at McKinley Irvin in Seattle.

Cost: Free

Credit: 1.0 Live

Register: To register, email or call 206-625-9600. Please include the name of the CLE(s), your name, state bar number, and email address on your RSVP.

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