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The Best Countries for International Adoption

Adoption is a big decision, and international adoptions come with even more choices. If you're considering an international adoption, the first question you need to answer is, "Where should I ...
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10 Obscure Divorce Laws Still on the Books

Divorce is a serious issue, but it can be refreshing to look at it from a lighthearted perspective. In the United States and abroad, there still exist some obscure divorce laws that would make anyone ...
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Don't Get Divorced Without Answering These 5 Questions

You may be considering divorce, or perhaps you have already committed to dissolving your marriage. Whichever phase you find yourself in, we encourage you to answer the following five questions before ...
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5 Advantages of Getting an Annulment

Annulment does not acknowledge a beginning and end of a marriage like divorce, but rather it says that an official union never existed. In Washington State, this type of separation is not referred to ...
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Social Security Benefits After Divorce

As a divorced spouse, you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on your own or your former spouse's contributions to the system. The Social Security system allows for benefits ...
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